Planning a renovation to your home’s kitchen or bathroom usually brings thoughts of cabinetry, countertops, and appliances to mind. However, this is the ideal time to consider the plumbing in either of these rooms and discuss certain things with your plumbing company that can make your renovation even better. What you don’t see can be every bit as important as what you do see, so take the time to discuss the following:


  • Hot Water – Think about whether you and your family feel you have sufficient hot water for your needs. It may be the perfect time to have the water heater replaced to get a larger tank or tankless unit if you continually run out of hot water. You can also downgrade the tank size or go with a tankless unit if space is a consideration. Another possibility is installing a separate water heater for the kitchen.
  • Relocating – When you are renovating a kitchen or bath, you have the ability to change the configuration. While it is costlier to move plumbing around than it would be to leave it in the same place, it is easier to do when the room has been cleared of all cabinetry.
  • Adding Lines – This is also the perfect time to add water lines. For example, change your bathroom from a one-sink to a dual-sink configuration, which is more convenient and increases your home’s value. A second showerhead is another great idea. As for the kitchen, consider a water line to the refrigerator, so you can take advantage of an icemaker or on-demand cold water. Other ideas for the kitchen include putting in a separate prep sink and/or installing a pot-filler faucet over the stove.

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