If you are like most people, you like to make changes to your home that will increase its value and make life easier and more fun for you and your family. A plumbing contractor can give you plenty of ideas for plumbing upgrades that can do that. Rather than discuss the obvious choices, here are a few unique upgrades that your plumbing contractor can help you with.

Plumbing Contractor

  • Upgrade Kitchen – Many families spend plenty of quality time in the kitchen preparing meals and hanging out together. A plumbing contractor can make that even easier by adding a prep sink, so you all don’t have to run into each other using just one sink. Another unique choice is adding a faucet over the stove so you don’t have to carry those large pasta pots full of water from the sink to the stove. If you don’t already have a water line for your refrigerator, you’ll love the ability to have an ice maker and on-demand cold water. Speaking of on-demand, your plumbing contractor can also put in a separate faucet by your sink that dispenses hot water. This is perfect for making tea, hot cocoa, instant soup, and more.
  • Upgrade Bathroom – One of the most luxurious things you can do to upgrade a bathroom is add a second showerhead or put in a modern full-body shower with multiple jets. Other upgrade options include converting to a dual-sink, installing a comfort-level toilet, putting in a large soaking or jet-style tub, and upgrading the water heater to a tankless model. Another idea is to install an outdoor or pool-side shower.

Other upgrades to consider are installing a utility sink in the laundry area, adding more hose bibs to the outside of your home, and installing water lines for an outdoor kitchen, bar, garden area, or other living area. If you would like to know more about the many ways a plumbing contractor can help you, give us a call at Willmann Plumbing Company Inc. Our company was founded in 1884, so you can be confident that if you can imagine it, we can do it.