If there is one thing to consider when doing a bathroom renovation, it is to get the most return on your investment. That often means spending more on one component in order to get the best results. A common misconception is that paying extra for a custom vanity is not a good use of your budget, but the reality is that a custom vanity really could be your best option. Here are some situations where that might be the case.

Custom Vanity

  • Utilize Space – Regular bathroom cabinetry is available in standard sizes, which could be either too large for the space you have or would underutilize the space you have. A custom vanity will allow you to maximize the space you have.
  • Appearance – Trying to make a standard-size vanity work can result in an appearance that is less appealing than you would like. A custom vanity is going to look seamless and give you the beautiful result that makes the added cost well worth it. A quality renovation adds value to your home, but one done less than perfectly could actually reduce your property value.
  • Storage – Any bathroom benefits from additional storage, but that can be a challenge in a smaller bathroom. Having a custom vanity designed and built to maximize storage is a great reason to spend a bit more, as you’ll enjoy an organized bathroom that makes getting ready to face the day a bit less chaotic.

Here at Willmann Plumbing Company Inc., we offer a variety of services designed to give you the bathroom you desire. Our bathroom designer is certified with the National Kitchen and Bath Association and brings years of experience to the table. She’ll be happy to discuss whether a custom vanity is a good option for your situation. From conception to completion, you can rely on us to give you the results you desire.