Leaking Toilet, Charlotte, NC

Don’t let a leaking toilet inflate your water bill!

It is surprising how many people suffer with a high water bill and never consider that they may have a leaking toilet that is costing them a small fortune. A moderate leak can double the average water bill, thanks to roughly 6,000 gallons of lost water in a month’s time. If you notice that little trickle into the bowl when it hasn’t recently been flushed, it is imperative you call us at Willmann Plumbing Company Inc. as soon as possible.

Leaking Toilet in Charlotte, North Carolina

If your Charlotte, North Carolina home isn’t on municipal water and sewer, you should still be concerned about a leaking toilet. For one thing, your well pump is running more to keep up, costing you more on your power bill and wearing it out sooner. The second problem is that the water could be overwhelming your septic system, leading to costly repairs or even failure. While it may seem incomprehensible that just a leaking toilet could do that, consider how the Colorado River was able to form the Grand Canyon. Water has more power than you might think!

A leaking toilet could also be sending water into your flooring and other areas, which could result in mold, rot and/or infestations. At the very least, excess water raises humidity levels, making your home less comfortable and making your HVAC system work harder.

Our family-owned plumbing company has been in business since 1884. We are now on our fourth generation. We owe our longevity to our commitment to quality and fair prices. We are the first and oldest plumbing company in the Charlotte area and stay in business despite having the lowest hourly rates around. Don’t run the risk of a high water bill or other problems – call us today to take care of your leaking toilet.