Bathroom Renovations, Charlotte, NC

Let us help you get the bathroom you deserve.

It is rare to get through bathroom renovations without needing the help of an experienced plumber. In fact, it is usually a great idea to have one on board because when you have walls open, it is a perfect time to assess the condition of the plumbing and replace any pipes that are in bad condition. It would upset you terribly to put in new tile, only to have to tear it out to access pipes soon after. If you are considering bathroom renovations, you’ll find that here at Willmann Plumbing Company Inc., we can help you not only with the plumbing part itself, but with the design and installation of vanities and cabinets, as well.

Bathroom Renovations in Charlotte, North Carolina

We have served the Charlotte, North Carolina area since 1884 and care about those in our community that trust us for their plumbing needs. We’ve learned a thing or two as the first and oldest plumbing company in the area, and that works to your favor. For example, through our vendor relationships and business acumen developed over more than 130 years, we can offer you the lowest hourly rates in the area. We’ve proven that you don’t have to cut corners to be affordable.

Whether you want to have a small change done in your bathroom or a full-scale renovation, you’ll find that we are up for the task at hand. Our assistance with your bathroom renovations will make your project go more smoothly than you might imagine. Call us today to learn more, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.